Working together for spring

Release Time:2022-04-04

According to the unifieddeployment of Shanghai on 'doing a good job in a new round of nucleic acidscreening in the city', Jiading District implemented closed managementthroughout the area, and all personnel should not leave their homes, and vehiclescould only enter from 3:00 a.m. on April 1 to 3:00 a.m. on April 5. Afterreceiving the notice, in order to ensure the smooth, safe and controllableproduction and operation during the closed-loop control period, effectivelyreduce the flow of personnel and block the spread of the epidemic, the companyissued the "Shanghai Seeyao Electronics Co., Ltd. Epidemic PreventionLeading Group Document No. 3": Notice on Further Strengthening theCompany's Epidemic Prevention and Control and Implementing Closed-Loop Control.Establish a grid regional management system, set up a block leader system, theperson in charge should manage information statistics, transmit and interpretvarious information statistics, and supervise the implementation of variouscontrol requirements. During the closed-loop control period, except for thefront-line employees of production (including outsourced workers and hourlyworkers) and the necessary personnel of production-related departments, and thenecessary personnel of other departments (including foreign aid of thedepartment), the rest of the employees are working from home.

From 12:00 on March 31, thecompany began to close according to the notification requirements. The east andwest entrances were closed, and the movement of personnel was reduced.

On April 1, under the command ofthe company's safety department, the employees were closed in the factory,lined up in an orderly manner and completed the first closed nucleic acidtesting work, with a total of 423 people.

During the closed-loop period, the disinfection work is still certified,and in addition to the factory area, office building and other areas, the dailyair conditioning disinfection work is added.

During the closure period, the most difficult is the problem of employeebathing, the company contacted many suppliers, proposed a plan, with theassistance of various departments, finally completed the construction of thetemporary bathroom on March 30, installed a water heater, and solved theproblem of employee bathing during the closure period.

Persistence is victory, persistence can win, we firmly believe that underthe strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping asthe core, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome if the heart thinks andstrives to go to one place. Victory will surely belong to us, and we willeventually achieve the beautiful April day.

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